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Well, the sleeping populace doesn't have a clue as to whom the "real powers that be are" so if they impeach a "babbling idiot" who can't complete a sentence without making the people of this country look like a bunch of fools for electing a MONKEY FACE to be the leader of the so-called FREE WORLD, (of course, they don't realize that elections are fixed), then perhaps they'll awake to the realization through impeachment, if we continue on our path of enlightenment for all, seeking common ground without distractions and uniting as one to uphold the most noble document in our land, the Constitution of the United States, which provides the people with the power to address grievances to their elected leaders, that 911 was an INSIDE JOB!!!!

However, they don't recognize the Constitution as an instrument that belongs to the PEOPLE!! They have chipped away at the fabric of this document for decades replacing it with their own laws and declarations such as the PNAC.

And, stripping us further of our freedoms through the Patriot Act!!

Soon, our voices will be SILENCED.

WOW!! I forgot there is such a thing as punctuation!!
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