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Default Re: False anatomy

My this has turned into a petty debate over the human hand, who cares? God as either you or I perceive him or her to be only wishes us to become more like them.
In pratice numerology can be a usefull tool however we can derive more energy from nature and all her wonders than and nubers could ever provide us, you should try it sometime.
As for satanic occult, to beleive there is an ulitimate good and evil in the world is only to deceive ones self. everything has both good and evil qualities within it. a rose is one of the most the most beautifull flowers to be found, however if you reach out and carelessly grab it you will get stabbed with its thorns.
Life is much the same way, you must make each move with caution or bad things happen to you. Give up the argument about the bones and move on to life it is to short to argue over petty issues. :-x
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