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Well, we know the government doesn't want us to know the truth about anything, so that's why people in numbers need to come together and put pressure on them so they can be revealed to the world as the LIARS?? that they are!!!

In Peace,

Due to the forthcoming peak oil crisis, rolling black-outs will be next until we are living back in the "dark ages" before electricity was invented. Dark ages and rolling black-outs were spoken about decades ago. So, they know and have known!! Perhaps one reason they needed to invade Iraq and take control of the oil fields.

It's just a matter of time!!! Hopefully, Dean will continue to bring out the worst in CHENEY!!! One can only hope!!!

With FREE ENERGY technology in their hands that they have kept secret from the world, according to others who have witnessed this with their own eyes, they will either use it against us to keep us suppressed or unveil it to the world as if they have invented the cure to our ills!!

Isn't this always the case.

A "pandemic" may be next. I just read that there are one million infected in the United States with AIDS.

You do the math. How many in our country? If the figure is 260 million does that not mean that out of every 260 people, one person is infected.


As far as our forefathers, and this is on another topic, many of them were Masons!!!
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