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Default Re: So, who is the New Moderator?

Originally Posted by agent_mulder View Post
In order to finally close this thread I would like to say that yes it is true BlueAngel relinquished their duties as Super Moderator, the timing however was perfect for me personally as I had been a long time lurker and new sign up to this site.

While I didn't see BlueAngel's resignation I had contacted CrowdGather about being added to the administration team seem these topics are something I am passionate about and as off 2 hours ago I have become the new lead Super Moderator on this site.

So to put all of your minds at ease:
1) I am passionate about the topics here and have put it to Crowd Gather that together as a community we will be able to bring this site back to it's glory days.

2) BlueAngel has done a remarkable job for the past number of years and her efforts should be congratulated.

3) It's time to move on, stop the whinging and focus on re-building the community and moving it to the next level - the world is our oyster and we will work hard to be recognized once again as a leading site for conspiracy based discussions.
The only glory days that this forum basked in is when I was the Super Moderator.

Furthermore, I don't whine.

I say it like it is.


I highly doubt that this forum has ever been recognized as a leading site for conspiracy forums.

But, think what you must!