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Default Re: Good Day, Hello, and Welcome

Originally Posted by agent_mulder View Post
First of all I would like to start off by saying Good Day, Hello and Welcome to the Club Conspiracy Community - for those of you who are not aware my alias is agent_mulder and I am the communities new Super Moderator.

Let me start by thanking BlueAngel who has done a fantastic job over the years in not only help establishing this place, but ensuring to her best possible degree that Club Conspiracy runs as smoothly as possible.

Unfortunately about a month ago BlueAngel relinquished her role as Super Moderator here on and it was a coincidence that I had just happened to sign up to see her final days in charge, once I saw that things were not running as smoothly as they could here I immediately contacted CrowdGather and to make a long story short I have been put in place here as the new Super Moderator.

Just like with any new administration, whether it be the government, your local sports organization or here at there will be some changes made throughout as each administration team attempts to leave their mark on the community.

I would like to outline that some of the changes I will be looking to make, pending approval from the powers that be at CrowdGather, will be abolishing the vague Forum Rules that are in place at the moment, replacing them with our Community Guidelines which are more indepth however let's everyone know where they stand.

I will personally be reviewing each and every banning over the past months to ensure that everyone who was banned deserved to be so, for breach of forum rules, and those who are deemed to have been banned without just cause will be invited to join us once again here at

I will be looking at making a few changes to the structure of the community where not only will it organize things a little more it will also introduce new discussion topics.

And finally, and most probably my biggest focus to date is creating a community atmosphere, where while we may not agree with each other's point of views everyone feels welcome to come and participate and share their thoughts, they don't feel bullied or harrassed or frightened to speak out.

We as a community are responsible for improving this place and that is why after the first round of changes I hope all of you make comments, tell me what you like and don't like and as a community we can build this place back up to where it was in it's hay day.

For those interested to know more about me I come from Australia, am a sport fanatic however believe that us, the public, deserve to know the truth.
Look, pal, you have seven posts on this forum.

Don't thank me for anything.

I have 10,000 and counting.

You've got to be kidding me.

You're going to go back and make sure that anyone who has been banned since the inception of this forum was banned for good cause.


Let me inform you of the rules of CC.

Anyone can be banned for any reason or for no reason at all!

I suggest you focus your attention elsewhere.

Just my two cents!
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