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Originally Posted by agent_mulder View Post
Club Conspiracy has nothing to hide, however there is no point in keeping threads that do nothing but attack the management, and their advertising. The problem has been rectified and therefore no longer warrants being in the Website Support Forum.

In sixteen years of designing, and working with websites and communities I can assure all community members that Club Conspiracy, nor Crowd Gather for that matter, has any control over the advertising.

It is all a javascript code (form of computer programming for those who don't know) that is provided by the advertising provider, people/websites/businesses then go the advertising provider and start up an advertising campaign offering x amount of money per click that they receive.

This is why on almost every website now-days there is advertising as the website owners get paid per click on the advertising that appears, and that is how Crowd Gather obtain their finances to purchase other websites.

While I respect that is about Conspiracies it may pain some of you to know that not everything is a conspiracy and that the advertising is out of the control of anyone involved with this website or Crowd Gather.

Sure Crowd Gather could remove the advertising all together but then there would be no funds available to improve this site, there would be no funds available to get other websites and there would be no funds available as a business.

The advertising is out of their control, it is not a conspiracy, and those who don't believe it should look at other websites that have advertising (in particular GoogleAdsense) and see the types of advertising they have - it's the same type of thing.

Trying to turn everything into a conspiracy theory, or trying to lay large amounts of blame on administration for things out of their control is a little petty no matter who it comes from.

As previously mentioned this thread will be closed and thrown in the recycling bin because the issues raised have been addressed and therefore little to no further corrospondence in relation to these issues is not required.
Sure, CC has nothing to hide, that's why you're going to throw this thread into the recycling bin and pretend that they have no control over their advertising.

Sounds to me like someone is hiding something!
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