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Originally Posted by agent_mulder View Post
I am saying I am going to resurrect it, as it has struggled recently and that is my job.

I would appreciate if you would refrain from FYI'ing me because I am informed, I know how online advertising works - There are more advertising scripts than google but it is obvious that this is going to continue and continue because we don't see eye-to-eye so there is no point.

As previously mentioned this thread was created to complain of the advertising. Your complaint has been heard however there is nothing that can be done about it and it is for that reason that this thread will be closed.

Once again I thank you for your continued contribution
Warmest Regards,
Agent Mulder

It has struggled since I relinqished my moderator duties.

There is plenty that can be done about the advertising on this forum.

A forum that is opposed to the BANKSTERS, but advertises for the BANKSTERS makes no sense.

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