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Default Re: So, who is the New Moderator?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
After seven posts on this forum, the management of CC asked you to supply them with a list of people whom you feel were harshly dealth with by whom?


Did they ask you to supply them with a list of members who harsly abused me and weren't banned?


Didn't think so.

A fool is born every minute.

I haven't threatened you in any way shape or form and I suggest that you cease and desist from accussing me of same.

I haven't threatened you about anything; i.e, moving my threads into the trash bin or otherwise.

I politely requested that you STOP deleting my comments to you that I posted in the Mind Control within the Music Industry thread after I was unable to respond to your comments to me in the appropriate threads since you closed them; which you have since then re-opened.

Thank you,
Okay so here is how it is going to be - You or anyone else posts an off topic thread it will be deleted (moved to the trash bin). WHY? Because I am the Super Moderator and I can make the final decisions, and close/open any thread that I want!

Through me the community will have their voice back, be able to share what they want to see on here, be able to comment and post - but when a discussion has run its cause it will be closed.

Like this thread - the question was who is the new moderator? I stepped up and became the new moderator - question answered case closed - no need for any more discussions regarding it and that is why this thread will be closed.

The other threads will be closed as I see fit when the discussion has run its cause.

Any off topic posting in other areas as previously stated will have your posts removed to the trash can, continuation of doing so will see infractions and bans put in place.

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