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Default Re: So, who is the New Moderator?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
After seven posts on this forum, the management of CC asked you to supply them with a list of people whom you feel were harshly dealth with by whom?

Yes - like the people who questioned the rules and were banned, the ones who accused you of editing the posts and were banned, the ones who didn't answer questions in a thread and were banned, the ones who stood up for others saying their banning was a bit harsh and found themselves banned.

It's the beauty of being a Super Moderator (as you know) you can ban and unban who ever you want and that is what I am doing - unbanning people I want!

Community members who have made valuable contributions to the site only to be banned IN WHAT I FEEL IS A HARSH MANNER!

I may have only had seven posts (and as I have said and you love to ignore you started on zero just like everyone else at some stage) but I had been on this site for two years reading everything, I can read now and I see what has been happening.

Times have changed, there is a new sherrif in town now and things around here are going to change for the better.