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Default Re: Good Day, Hello, and Welcome

Originally Posted by agent_mulder View Post
When you were the Super Moderator you were able to do what you wanted, now that I am the Super Moderator of the site I can do what I want and what I want to do is put the power back to the community.

Some people were harshly banned, it was something I brought up and I was asked for a list of people who I thought were harshly banned. That list has been provided - hopefully they will be unbanned and once again welcome to contribute to our community.

Please do not expand this arguement to a fifth thread you already have four others that you are voicing your opinions about me being in charge at.

Now that you are Super Moderator of this site you can do what you want and I'm so glad that you contacted the administration and told them of your view that some people where harsly banned.

No wonder they asked you for a list.

There is a sucker born every minute.

Look, pal, I have no clue who you are so please refrain from patting me on the back about what a great job I did on this forum.

I don't need your appreciation.

I know what a great job I did and you'll never surpass it.

A filfh thread?

Dude, you have problems.

Kindly tell the forum where the four other threads are that exist voicing our opiinoins about you being in charge.

Don't flatter yourself.


Hopefully, the list of those members whom you thought were harsly banned that you've provided to CC will be reinstated.

Can't wait.
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