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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Well, Angel, I used a binaural relaxation program on my computer a while ago, and phrases like the "All-seeing eye" phrase came bubbling up into my conscious mind. I can only speculate where and when such a phrase might be used. It is well known that shopping centers, etc., use repetitions of phrases on the "Black Box" which is a device for embedding subliminal messages in the music they play over the loudspeakers (e.g., "I am honest . . ."). The "Eye" phrase might induce self-consciousness or a vague sense that someone knows your secrets. In fact one of the triggers used on me was, "[action] but don't tell anybody"; sustitute a secret or embarrasing thing for the [action] and you can see how the repression of secrets, guilt, or fear of discovery can be used in this kind of programming. It isn't mind control, but a subtle form of suggestion and intimidation. As for the ad-hoc program, I meant a form of conditioning, association, and hypnosis, as well as any trauma-based tactics that might be effective. This can be done in public or while the victim is at home, with the right technology and personnel. It's really just a matter of MONEY.
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