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Post Re: Was Jesus a Jewish Religious Bigot?

Actually, there's no REAL proof that Jesus even existed. The story goes from him as an infant, skips the next 30+ years and then he suddenly appears out of nowhere preaching and being tormented.

There's also a theory that a 'Jesus' existed but by another name. His named changed and actually became Jesus much later. The theory also states this man traveled east and studied deep meditation with the Buddha.
Then when he was hung on the cross, he was trained by the Buddha via meditation to slow his bodily functions to the point life was undetectable. Then when they threw him in the cave, he slowly brought his heart rate and other functions back to normal and just walked out of the cave. And the two who saw that happen, assumed he came back from the dead when in fact he was just in such a deep meditative state he had learned from the Buddha.
Personally, I don't believe in any 'God' or 'Deity' or 'Jesus'. And I think the bible was nothing but at most the greatest fiction book ever written.
But that's me.
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