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Default Re: Good Day, Hello, and Welcome

Originally Posted by agent_mulder View Post
Please remain on topic, this is not another thread for BA's ramblings.

You have had your say move on. I'm not the one who started a whole thread asking for gratification like: am I?

The reputation of this site is currently don't go there they ban you for not agreeing and so yes we have to work hard on rebuilding the reputation and the community atmosphere, which is where the community members have their input on how they want the community to run.

Please remain on topic and in the best interest of this thread or unfortunately it will be another one forced to be closed due to your inability to stay on the topic at hand.
Sorry, but BA doesn't ramble, you do.

Who cares that I started a thread asking for a thank you.

Obviously it bothers you and not me.


Don't you have more important matters to attend to?

Sorry, pal, but the reputation of this site is not about don't go there, BA doesn't agree with you.

You would be lying.

Go ahead, yes, please close the thread, because unfortunately, BA cannot stay on topic.

It's all my fault!


Get real!

I'm not a scapegoat.

You are.

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