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Default Re: I Have Alien Pic And I Was Just Now Abducted

Originally Posted by agent_mulder View Post
don't patronize me. Some people don't like relying on the little sob story on the internet for people to try and believe them.

This friend of the family has spent thousands photographing space, investigating reports etc and if he doesn't want to share what he has at the moment he doesn't have to - you ungrateful person.

Sitting here patronizing because unlike others sob stories on here he actually has some evidence to back him up - your pathetic.
Geez, dude.

Calm down!

All I said was, yes, we'll have to wait and see and this is how you respond?

Get a grip!

I think you're too volatile to be the moderator of this forum and name calling, huh?

Dude, relinquish your duties.

You've got mud on your face!

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