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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

OK, i'm cynical. But not without cause. As far as how to influence someone covertly, i could give one simple example. Did you ever play with Legos? You probably imagined something and then began to build it. You chose each piece according to what attributes it added to the whole item. It's like that; the people who practice covert influence, etc. have a toolkit and they choose what tools to use according to the desired result. Another thing is that there is a vast amount of information, even personal information, that a behaviorist can determine just by observation. Do you put your hands in your pockets while waiting to cross the street? That is a "tell." So let's suppose that I determine you were traumatized sexually before the age of fifteen (some statistics put the estimate as high as 1 out of 5!). I could use this to cause you to dissociate, and then attempt to plant a suggestion. "When I come back to reality I know Michael Jackson is innocent . . "
It is easier to program a stop or thought interruption, but complex behavior can be suggested as well. This works best with simple and direct suggestions, and it works extremely well with moods and emotions. I can be more specific, if you like.
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