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Default Re: False Memory Syndrome

Let me see if I can explain the "False Memory Syndrome Foundation" so that OTHERS can have a better understanding of their purpose.


Why would this be their purpose?

Because the CIA, in otherwords, the government of the United States of America, the "rogue" CIA is responsible for the implementation of mind control programs in this country and one, in particular, Project Monarch, is a "government cult," and a satanic one for that matter.

We would not have any knowledge about mind control programs had author John Marks, "The Manchurian Candidate" not requested documents under the FOIA.

We have proof they existed!! CIA Director COLBY verbally acknowledged Project Monarch.

The military is involved and so too were they responsible for the sexual abuse of the children at Presidio.

Just GOOGLE Colonel Michael Aquino and read the various charges he has come up against but escaped. Why? Because he is protected by the government. The charges will never stick just like the charges against Michael Jackson will never stick even though several children have accused him of sexual abuse.

Is it just coincidence that Colonel Michael Aquino was a member of a satanic sect by the name of the Temple of Set? Or, that he is now a member of Anton LaVay's satanic set?

The answer is NO!!!

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is a front for the CIA. Peter Pan is a theme used in mind control programming. You never grow up because they can call out child-like alters for their own sexual deviant pedophile desires no matter how old you are.

Michael Jackson is most probably a mind control victim. They USE him and hide behind him by luring sick children to his ranch. Most times if accusations are made of sexual abuse, the parent's of these children can be easily discredited and made to appear as if they have coerced their children to lie in order to make a monetary settlement.

Good reason to use entertainment figures. Large fan base, too, that stands behind them. Who would ever think a musician/actor could be a pedophile? How can a star be guilty when so many people around the world love him? Did they ever visit his ranch? Did they ever sleep in his bed? Michael Jackson would never speak out against them. They would allow him to go to jail first. He didn't speak out against them because it's just too deep and so he is a free man.

When I spoke out as a child 30 plus years ago, I was met with almost the same reaction as those who have written books about being used in Presidential positions as sex slaves, etc. through mind control programs, namely Project Monarch.

What do you think Marilyn Monroe was? A talented, beautiful (first) Presidential Model/sex slave.

They are not stupid. They use children who are "less fortunate" (like myself) whose parents do not have the resources and credibility to withstand a character assassination in the press and court room or ability to file a lawsuit.

They can hire the best attorneys, bribe the judge, pay the jurors and receive the most press coverage.

How much did we see of the accuser? Very little. He is most probably wondering why people did not believe him!!!!

Michael Jackson and LaToya have spoken publicly about their abusive father and then LaToya recanted because you are banished from the family for giving up the secret.

These are the types of children THEY look for when recruiting those who are not born into the cult, not part of the NWO, not an elitist, not part of the Illuminati. Talented and gifted; from less fortunate circumstances such as Michael Jackson.

They can see this from standardized testing. They can see this from Personality Assessment Tests.

Some fathers are caught sending pornography through the mail and the FEDS looked for this and then made deals to exchange their children for use in the program to escape jail time. They were definately at my school looking for those with photographic memories. Only reason we had to memorize the capitols and Presidents in order when in first grade.

They force children who are victims of their mind control programs to take part in criminal activities so this ensures the child's silence. Imagine being forced to participate in the sacrifice of another child or made to sexually abuse another child. As a child, you have no recourse. No where to turn because if your government can't protect you. If your government are the perpetrators, who can? They make you feel responsible for the criminal and immoral activities they force upon you.

Children who are sexually abused at home are already pre-disposed to DID. Possessing talent is what they desire. They move you up the ladder through their entertainment channels and ownership of Hollywood.

These types of children are used in the entertainment business, pornography, as drug mules, etc. by the CIA.

They are "million dollar" babies. Raking in millions for the CIA.

The CIA controls the MAFIA!! The Mafia is the middleman.

I am a victim/survivor of "Project Monarch" and was not in therapy when I began to recall my abuse at the hands of the government and the CIA. I was used to sexually blackmail politicians because MONARCH is a control mechanism. They needed a way in which to control CONGRESS so they corrupt those who are easily corrupted. Offer drugs and money; create an atmosphere that induces men to stray and adopt sexual deviant behavior. Especially if they are protected from prosecution.

Will these men ever speak out against them? No!! Not when they have pictures in their files of them engaging in sexual acts with children.

Are my memories of whom was involved 100 percent accurate?


That is why I write about what I know and not whom I remember unless it can be verified.

In Peace,
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