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Default Re: The Movie

lynns_shadow...I/We are hoping for all origional matieral.. or else the music police will be all over Henry.. With lawsuits.. and expensive looking lawyers..(sharkskin suit types)

For the project to work.. it has to be all origional.. It cannot be plaqerized from anywhere..

lynns_shadow.. I think what we are creating is charcators that would likely show up at a "conspiracy" site.. Your origional input is wanted..

Can you write lyrics to a song that would describe your position?.. If you can, MaryX and me will put music in back of them in MP3 format.. or if you have an origional song that might fit into the framework.. Post the link here on this thread.

I/We (and you are included) prefer that the end result of our project is uplifting.. elevating spirituality over the matieral rhelms of societies that have been over taken by the NWO.

I am just one of the music guys.. If you want to talk to the director of this project.. contact DC...
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