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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Well, I definately agree that some people are highly suggestible through "covert" techniques and that their behavior can be affected and influenced in this way without their knowledge. If they are direct mind control victims (i.e., having been incarcerated in MKULTRA, etc.), they can certainly be put into different alter states and made to believe almost anything which is what the doctors/scientists (SICKOS) accomplished with their victims through hypnosis, drugs, etc. in order to cover-up the real memories of what they had been subjected to by these "sadistic pigs." Screen memories would be the proper description.

I know that mind control victims/survivors are more prone to suggestion due to their programming and abuse and I know that the tecniques they employed and studied on their prisoners, less the direct traumatization, etc. has been practiced on the masses through media, etc., so there are many whose behavior is influenced and "thought" processes/patterns are directly affected through "covert" operations whether or not they were incarcerated in one of their mind control programs or not.

Problem is that they don't know it!!

The power of suggestion!!

I believe such an operation was used on me recently to fill my head with falsehoods as to my "amnesic" past and the names of those who were involved in my abuse/handling, etc.!!

Please be more specific if you'd like, and also the money question remains unanswered.

In Peace,
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