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Default Re: Aliens May Exist But Contact Would Hurt Humans; Hawkings

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
As if Hawkings has any more of a clue as to whether or not aliens exist than my next door neighbor does, but, apparently, he knows what the outcome will be if they do exist and visit planet earth.

He WARNS that we shouldn't have any contact with them.



What shall we do?

Ignore them and, hopefully, they'll go back to wherever they came from?

Since when is Hawkings' the ET expert?

His analogy between ET's, Columbus and the Native Americans is quite strange to say the least.

Almost like he's blaming the demise of the Native American tribes on the fact that THEY made contact with COLUMBUS.

Again, huh?

Oh, I see.

If aliens visit planet earth, just don't have contact with them and they won't rob us of our land; wipe out most of the human species and send those of us remaining to live on reservations.

This is the reason that most of the Native Americans were wiped out.

They made contact with Columbus, according to Hawking.

But, what if the Aliens have contact with us?

Obviously, the same scenario as I depicted above.

Thanks, Stephen, I'll take your advice into consideration.

mmmm i think hawkings ment things like Germs or disease. a moon rock was found to have some kind of micro life form on it.
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