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Default Re: Fear of Occult & Gnostic Knowledge

Darkshadow wrote:
There is only one way to stop it, You have it half right. God must be with us, but also we have to open our eyes get off our fat lazy butts and smell the coffe. Talking has proven not to work anymore. We must pick the sword of god and go into battle. Yes I am saying take back our Church, country, and stop the new world order by force. God did it several times and he has been trying to tell us time is up get up and defend me. so what do you say? stop talking and fight or just keep preaching from the sofa and let it happen.

We are fighting and I prefer to do so without a sword and or engaging in battle.

God doesn't need to be defended!!!

I don't like to use force!!

Talking via the internet, writing via the internet, researchers, intellects, etc. have all assisted in helping to wake up the populace.

This is why we have reached this stage due to their efforts and undying love for our country!!

So, preaching from the sofa does help!! It's therapeutic and reaches millions!!!

P. S. I'm neither fat nor lazy and I do smell the coffee. Those who don't smell the coffee are still SLEEPING.

In Peace,
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