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If nothing is useable then maybe the creator intended and intends us to get clear that we don't need to use money.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." - Buckminster Fuller.

I like the thought process.
What if you had to use your mind to get perks and not stumble and bumble through life attached to some fradulent monetary system.

Would Bill Gates be a multi billionaire able to
hold the world hostage on "security fixes" while
he fights the EU in court over
anti-(make up anything here) laws??
Or could we all have super freakin computers controlled by rat brains(saw a story recently)
If he was the leader of a group who's main accomplishments and goals were to perfect the computer.
Would you agree to let the man and his super computer creating companions have a little more luxury than lets say ..... The CEO of FORD. These computers would make driving 100x safer 100x more fuel effecient... even if we used hydrogen. Hell if we all worked together instead of eyeing eachother up as competitors we would have robots growing food for everyone on the planet earth.

I guess you could apply that formula to any occupation. The science of perfection. A group of like minded individuals working for a common goal to better mankind.

Money seems to hold us back , keep us at bay of any major breakthrough.(nwo plan?)
Schooling would have to be retooled to get rid of useless studies.

... I know there is more to this story but my head hurts ,...... see ya
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