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Default Re: We are being murdered since birth

They studied in depth in mind control programs how they could covertly cause changes in one's brain chemistry. That was one of their major goals. How could they affect/alter one's cognitive and critical thinking abilities and then apply this to society as a whole. How to keep the masses distracted, addicted, physically, emotionally, psychologically impaired. How could they create diseases, mental illnesses, etc. through food and water supply, trauma (i. e., cold war scare, 911, JFK assassination), etc. They successfully induced migraine headaches.

Obviously, they use many covert techniques, but to create a society of illnesses/diseases whose cause cannot be determined, but is then treated with drugs that THEY produce at their laboratories assists them twofold. They prosper and at the same time neutralize and contain large amounts of our population.

There needs to be a study into the effects of FLOURIDE!!! We ingest this from almost the moment we are born in the form of infant vitamins and then onto toothpaste. From cradle to grave!!

In the face of all the Kennedy cold-blooded murders, they still CARRY ON!!

Say what you may about the Kennedys, but JFK died for his country. He knew that his "warning" to the American people about THEM would seal his fate and it did.

Another Kennedy would never be allowed to occupy the White House (their words, not mine) and so Robert and John, Jr.'s lives were taken intentionally by the cold-blooded killers who occupy some of the highest levels within our government/military.

Of course they use hired hands to do their dirty work for them or manufactured killers

Thank you Mr. Kennedy for bringing this to the attention of the American people!!

In Peace,
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