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Default Re: What is TIME exactly?

I'm sorry that you seem disappointed Erie Engineer?

It seems that you were looking for a different response perhaps?

If there's anything that your aware of about Time, that you wish to impart I am all ears, because like everyone - I'm here on this earth and in this lifetime to learn!

I consider every man my teacher in that everyone has something to impart that might be worth learning.

I thought that the idea or suggestion that Time is a form of energy, and that both quantifying it and describing it might be of interest to this specific part of the forum - which was why I joined and started the thread.

If you disagree that Time is just another form of energy occasioned by the earths gravitational spin moment about its own axis and its observed heliocentric orbit about the sun during the suns orbit of the milky way galaxy over the course of a great year - then please share - because you will find in me a most patient and willing listener & student.

Cheers & beers
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