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Default Re: Coming of the Antichrist

ok.. the war of the angles started before man before space and earth before all creation.. angels rebelld on god the father with satin the leeder. god made hell and cast the rebelling angels and satin to hell. and no man can beat the devil. only god can. with saint michiel the arch angel and his army at his command. by the power installd to him from god. and next. we are warned about false prophets. follow them and you follow them to hell. other then true prophets who has the power bestowed in them from god. no man can tell the futhure. and no man knows the day or hour for the rapture as you call it. only god the father knows. not even the angels in heaven know. and as jesus says. not even i.. when the fig tree blooms and its fruit is ready. when the flowers fill the fields. and all on earth are content.. as sure as you see the distaint storm coming.. so will be the 2nd comeing of christ..
there will not be a antichrist to take the throne on earth. because god will not abandon those who follow him. even muslems with there faith who believe in god. i was told this story when i was a kid by nuns. i was in one of those catholic schools.. you can find a relation to this story in the book of job.. heres the story i was told.. there was this very evil man. he stole he murderd lied and was a compleatly evil rotton man. what he says goes or your killd.. made slaves of all children. starved his people.. and worked them to death. then one night in winter in well below zero temps he took the priests on a frozen lake ahd made them stand on the ice nakid. the king says to them. let your god save you and i will believe in him. out of the 4 priest one fell and died.. then another.. then the third one.. just befor the 4rh one fell and died he sead to the evil king... i forgive you.. at that the king got very mad and killd him with his sword.. later that week the king became trubbled. and bannished himself to the wildernes. years went by.. till one day he returned. with thousands of solders.. to kill all the evil solders that was once under his command. you see when he was away he gained power in another nation. and those who was once his people were set free. and the once evil king left them. where he on returning had his aids pull a chain around his waist so tight the skin coverd it.. as time went buy the chain dug into him inside of him.. then died.. he repented and did his pennance and went to heaven.. beliving in god. and could not live with the horrors he did any other way.
the point is no mater how evil a man is. he can still be saved at the last minut of repentance.. a murderor on a cross next to jesus sead to jesus.. lord remember me in heaven. and jesus sead this day you will be at my right hand in heaven.. because your faith saved you.. so who do you follow. the lies of man.. or the words of gods.. why do flowers look and smell pretty. why do we love and hate.. the antichrist is not of this earth. not a man.. its in all of us. and the war is in us. wars on earth come from within us. not from anything physical on earth or creation. it all come from man..from inside our non physical selves.. there is your antichrist. anything that happends on earth other then nature. comes from inside of us. go head now you can post how stupid i am.

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