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Default Re: True Democracy's Checks & Balances

President Kennedy's cold-blooded murder was an act to traumatize our nation, silence him against THEM and a lesson for any and all of those who may have contemplated breaking the "Code of Silence."

Was President Kennedy being manipulated into different states of mind?

Was President Clinton being manipulated into different states of mind?

Was sexual programming being used on both men to taint their IMAGE???

Just a hypothetical question, not an accusation.

President Kennedy DIED for his country in an effort to WARN us about the dissolution of our FREEDOMS by "evil" men.

He was "pandering" to the people. He was becomming soft. They couldn't control him.

So, "one shot to the back of the head" and he'll be dead. A tragedy televised to traumatize our nation/world!!

911, another televised tragedy to traumatize and cause further fear, anxiety amongst the masses.

First it was the Cold War and now it is the threat of a TERRORIST ATTACK at any MOMENT. Same fear as a NUCLER attack during the Cold War.

In Peace,
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