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Default Re: What is TIME exactly?

Do gamma brain waves bind with time waves?
Who says Time is a wave form?

I don't know if bind is the right selection of word to describe any interaction.

Do they interact with each other? I suspect not that they might prove to be independent of each other.

Let me give an example here to deomonstrate.

When the sun is shining - we here on the face of the earth receive photons of light! Light appears to propagate across inertial space as a wave form.

At the same time TV and radio stations all over the globe are emitting TV radio waves.

Do the light photons or waves interact (bind) with the TV & radio waves?

Think of gamma brainwaves as energy within a spatial circuit.

Think of time as just a different form of energy!

Light is a form of energy

Mass is a form of energy

In what ways do different forms of energy interact (bind)?

Another example...

A radiographer needs to take an xray in hospital of your broken bone.

Do the light waves in the room interfere in any way with the xrays coming from the radioactive isotope he uses to expose his xray film?

They in fact pass thru each other because they are different forms of energy!

The conservation of energy law dictates that this must be the case I believe. (Energy can neither be created nor destroyed - just transformed/converted from one form to another).

Would it be possible to transform or convert gamma brain waves to another energy form?

Most definitely!


No idea as yet!

Have you ever noticed that those who seem to possess say psychic powers of pre cognition (the ability to see the future before it occurs) never seem to be able to get the exact timing completely 100% correct?

Some seem able to have pre conceived miraculous events when viewed with the benefit of hindsight -however getting them to9 put a time stamp on it is always fraught with problems.

It would appear as tho there is some kind of time disconnect in this type of sixth sensory perception ability.

Least that's my take on it at this point in time/reality state/frame of reference - who knows in a different reality state!.

Hope that's some help.

A good question and not one I've given a LOT of thought too but I've mulled it over a little from time to time in order to come to the above relative conclusions.

Madness takes its toll - please have exact change handy!

The primary manifestation of Time is Change

Ee does NOT equal Em Cee Squared!

M = Δ T

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