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Default Re: Fake Moon Landing - The whole Apollo was a Hoax!

remembering the first moon landing on tv
it was on tv showing a astronant climbibg down the ladder from the ship to the moon floor

a tv crew there to film the event?? comon now
but when the tv camera showed the space ship before and after take off from the moon. on take off the ship made a sort of a bang noise like a fire cracker.

1.. there is no sound in space yet the tv camera heard it
2.. if a tv camera was left there to see the take off from the moon then it should still be there and a tv crew here on earth should still see what the camera is seeing on the moon

proof the take off was a fake anyway

play this vedio. at the very begining of it watch closly when they start to put up a flag on the moon. and see the flexability of the flag. floping like it would do here on earth in air. then look at it after the flag is up. stiff as a board. where it was not stiff when they started to put up the flag. watch rhat part very closly. and you will see what im saying. when you hold up a towle up in front of you and move it around the bottom of it shold flop from one way or other. thats what that flag did while they was puting it up.

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