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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Sure, some say that you can get what you want if you pay enough, but that isn't exactly what I mean. What I meant in this case is that a shady contractor might tamper with MJ's jury if the price were right. This could also include infiltration of the jury panel by someone who could use codes or triggers on stubborn elements.
Hmmm, more specific . . . well, I've mentioned the "Mephisto" style of seduction technology sold on the internet. Some of the styles and tactics of which I am aware (and I don't beleive that I was the only subject of this, either) closely resemble the descriptions of Mephisto, so for all I know it could just be someone dabbling for fun.
Anyway, here goes: 1) The word "Guilty" repeated many times, with the tempo quickening. Sometimes they use a chorus of voices to add to the intimidation factor. 2) Here is a spill code: "Speak your mind . . ."; "Shout it out"; "[NAME] is going to speak now"; all of these can also be repeated with the tempo quickening for the stress effect until a result is produced. A satisfactory result would be the verbalization of thoughts, or ruminations. Remember that we are at our most vulnerable at two basic times in our daily normal lives: when we are asleep, and when we are satisfying our human needs (such as eating or watching a movie). It is at these times that they will try to drive a wedge deep into your mind in order to influence you. Try this experiment designed by the Alpha Awareness group: hold up a piece of white paper so that someone can gaze at it. Tell them to relax and project their thoughts and feelings gently into the paper. After about 10 to 15 seconds crumple the paper suddenly without warning. Your subject will report something like a small shock, like being startled. This is a form of Alpha interruption, and can produce symptoms of sleep deprivation if enacted on a consistent basis. This is also one of the tactics used. In fact, there is a form of mind control in Africa that uses the startle reaction to embed suggestions. Nothing new under the sun, eh? They also use two or more voices speaking simultaneously or "taking turns" as though it were a conversation between a man and a woman, but the point is to get past your defenses. Beware of the ruse in public of someone appearing to talk on the telephone but in reality is trying to use a code or key on you. We normally will ignore someone speaking on the phone to someone else, but our minds can still hear the words.
Whew! Well, there's a lot of goofy stuff out there. I will pray for you, Angel, that you get rid of the bad and keep only the good. Firewall your mind!
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