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Default Lochness Monster

So my calendar that sits here on my computer desk in the office tells me that on the 22nd of August 565 was the first recorded sighting of The Lochness Monster.

That makes this mythical creature 1446 years old.

Do you believe in the Lochness Monster? What do you put all of the sightings down to. I know some photographs in the past have been proven to be fake but over 1400-years of reported sightings, some from very credible witnesses including police officers, government officials etc can't just be ignored.

If there was something there would it be extinct now, or with fresh sightings almost yearly does it mean that it continues to breed?

However if it continues to breed why have no bodies of a Lochness Monster been found or seen?

Incase you couldn't tell the Lochness monster to me is one of the unexplainable things, that could be true however there are so many questions that need to be answered.


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