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Default Re: What is TIME exactly?

First of all Ian it is Eire not Erie. I am not some hick from western Pensylvania. Lol. Second, I wasn't engauging in ad hominem but I do think that it is odd that Mr Bearden only existst on the internet. Also, he never worked for the Pentaton that seems to be yet another piece of internet fiction.

What really bothers me is the inconsistancy of his ideas. At one point the machine supposedly extracts EM radiation from zero point energy. This is an impossibility as I understand it because the virtual particles are not in existence long enough to have a meaningful reaction with anything.

I will admit I had a hard time following what you were trying to say about constructing a gigantic delay line and somehow ectracting power from it. First of all the electrons in a conductor carrying current do not vibrate...they physically jump from atom to atom. Second, you would spend much more energy obtaining the materials for the device and instaling it than you would seem to recoup based on your explanation of the operation of it.

I am still trying to make sense of all the stuff you have posted which is a bit of a challenge. I go over peoples designs for a living and I have never seen one as seemingly confuses as all of this, so it is either complete Bs or genius. So no need to get so petty and defensive. And please do not post in dark blue. It is hard to read and infantile
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