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Default Re: What is TIME exactly?

And please do not post in dark blue. It is hard to read and infantile
Its a copy from my notes and for some unknown reason the forum software won't let me highlight and change the color before posting it, from the original blue in my notes, so blue is what I get, whether I (or you) like it or not.

Although I may not be "an engineer", I am smart enough to drag my mouse cursor over it to highlight it where you get a nice dark blue print on white background - very easy to read - I guess that's the genius in me coming to the fore and not "the engineer" - huh?

Infantile - really - see resorting to personal attacks (when unable to discredit the work).

Where have I seen that before?

The electrons jump from atom to atom all the way down the wire huh?

So when you turn the current off (open the circuit) where do all those atoms of copper in the wire get their electrons back from huh?

Must make the copper wire a once off use only item - since eventually ALL of the electrons would have to migrate to one end of the wire and then presumably into the battery?

Of course you have proof for this idea of the electrons leaving the atom and jumping to the next one and so on down the line?

Eire? that a place?

Texas versus Western Pennsylvania?...theres a difference?...the smirking chump Dubya - he came from Texas and was dumb as 2 house bricks - I wouldn't crow too loud about hailing from the lone star state, if I were you!

Not petty or defensive - just waiting after 3 pages for an intelligent question I guess - not like there isn't enough material for you to have maybe thought of ONE by now?.

In short I seem to be conversing with myself essentially..

I'm about to add another large cut paste from my notes about Einsteins error.

When I do - it will pose a question about re working Einsteins 21 equation proof for Special relativity - by taking out his use of the light speed universal constant C - (which as I have shown is anything but constant except for the fact it is infinite) and substituting Einsteins own Fine Structure Constant Alpha from his Nobel prize winning Paper of the photo electric effect in its place and then resolving the equation to solution.

I suspect that it will yield the much long sought after Unified Field Theorem that Einstein and others have been searching for.

I was kind of hoping that your mathematics was up to the task of resolving physics equations because mines admittedly weaker than i would like and its an area in which i struggle.

Also - as an engineer - I was hoping you'd be devoting some thought to experimental ways to test the hypothesis that there is as much energy within the domain of time as there is within mas and how we might extract some of that energy - in ways other than say Bearden's spatial circuits perhaps.

Bearden's a retired Lt Col - who was a war games planner for the pentagon before he retired - with his specialty in nuclear physics.

You'd need to show me unassailable proof that this isn't true I am afraid.

He works with some reasonably esteemed physicists etc...

That said - being good at physics doesn't necessarily require a degree.

I'm more of a theoretical physicist than an experimental physicist, hence seeking input into experimental design to test my hypothesis M = Δ T.

If I asked about the speed of sound - most would answer...

Source wiki-pedia

The speed of sound is the distance travelled during a unit of time by a sound wave propagating through an elastic medium. In dry air at 20 C (68 F), the speed of sound is 343.2 metres per second (1,126 ft/s). This is 1,236 kilometres per hour (768 mph), or about one kilometer in three seconds or approximately one mile in five seconds.
And of course its correct....

We are then confronted with this new phenomenon - long after we discovered the speed of sound.

The sound BARRIER

Prior to supersonic speed of bullets and air craft etc - the idea that anything could go faster than this arbitrary barrier was absurd.

I'm suggesting to you and anyone else reading along that, it is the same now with the speed of light.

Its just a limit velocity.

Its the light speed BARRIER

When we are able to travel faster than the speed of light, I suspect it is then we will realize that the light speed barrier is just that - the limit velocity that light speed can be measured at presently because any faster than light speed (warp 2 for eg) and to stationary observer as yet cannot discern the light photos moving away from them at warp 2.

That's why I say that speed of light is infinite - its the ONLY mathematical value for Einsteins E=MC^2 that is OBSERVABLE with current technology.

An infinite light speed - removes the paradoxical outcome from E=MC^2

That was Mitchellson Morleys (and later Sagnacs) mistake in not realizing that 3 x 10^8meters per second is only the OBSERVABLE limit velocity for light in a vacuum.

As stated I suspect that just like a sound wave collapsing in on itself as a jet passes thru at > mach 1, that local space time field curvature, when spoiled in this manner - can and will collapse in on itself if a strong enough beam of highly charged ionizing radiation is projected ahead of the space craft as it approaches warp 1 light speed barrier , sufficient to warp or spoil or collapse the curved space time continuum wave in on itself, just as the sound barrier does - allowing the craft to jump thru the light speed barrier from warp 1 to warp 2 and that the only OBSERVABLE effect of this jump to warp speed will be the emission at right angles to the direction of travel of Cerenkov radiation.

Star Trek Fans should have no trouble visualizing this idea as it has been portrayed countless times within the movies ad TV series, as the space ship Enterprise jumps from Impulse to Warp speed and emits a flash of ionizing Cerenkov radiation at right angles to the direction of travel as it "disappears" (becomes unobservable at to us the viewer traveling at < warp 1.

Anyway - where was I Oh yes...

If we try and re work Einsteins E=MC^2 special relativity proof 21 equation set by replacing his erroneous use of the universal constant C starting at equation 5 - and replace the universal constant C with his own fine stricture constant6 Alpha - we should well end up with the long sought after Grand Unification Theorem or "Unified Field Theorem" as it has been described at times.

Are you up for that challenge?



Madness takes its toll - please have exact change handy!

The primary manifestation of Time is Change

Ee does NOT equal Em Cee Squared!

M = Δ T
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