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Default Re: What is TIME exactly? about you google Eire before assuming too much? I am not from Texas and I was not crowing about the state. So do try not to be so snarky. I was just pointing out that you have been reading my name wrong.

It would seem that you are piling logical fallacy upon logical fallacy here. Just because the sound barrier turned out to be arbitrary does not mean that the "light barrier" will turn out to be breakable. Certainly it may turn out that we can go around it somehow but until that day it is still a barrier.

I do find it odd that even though hesupposedly has a patent on his device he refuses to send it out for independant verification. In your research do you know why this is? It would be interesting if a "good Will" would come along and solve all of the worlds energy problems, but its hard to believe that all of academia has missed this one.
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