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Default Re: What is TIME exactly?

One other problem I see with your theory that the speed of light is infinite and instantaneous is that it does not fit with observation. Use a laser to bounce a distinct signal off the mirror that was left on the moon and you will clearly see that it takes time for the signal to get there and back. Am I missing something in your explanation?
I'm not `100% sure that I am saying that the speed of light is instantaneous, however - if I am right that it is infinite then yes it must travel fast enough in certain circumstances to appear instantaneous - so I see what you are saying.

With the moon mirror & laser - test - its important to realize that light speed of 3 x 10 6 8 meters per second is only a barrier in that it is the limit velocity "observable" our reality state travelling at less than warp 1 light speed on our earth bound planet orbiting the sun at a velocity less than warp 1

How could we get sound to travel faster than the sound barrier?

The photo depicts a air plane breaking the sound barrier - but how do we get sound waves to do that?


Lets say the F 18 jet fighter pilot is kickin back wearing his Ipod & listening to a little CCR, on his ear phones - as he accelerates thru the sound barrier progressively to mach 1 then mach 2 etc!.

What happens to those sound waves coming out of his ear phones inside his ears on the way to his ear drums, as he jumps thru the sound barrier to mach 2 or mach 3 etc - do they get left behind because they can't keep up with the speed that his planes traveling at?

Nope - because they are being propagated at the relative velocity of the plane he is traveling in! So he can listen to his tunes at mach 1 or mach 2 or mach 3 etc..

The sound waves are being propagated at the speed of sound BUT within a frame of reference of a enclosed space traveling supersonic.

I'm suggesting something similar for light photons.

That they might be able to only be observed from say the ground at 3 x 10 ^ 8 meters per second...BUT

Lets go back to our jet plane and imagine it's a warp speed capable space ship.

Lets say instead of the Pilots Ipod - he has his landing lights switched on and the photos are being propagated from the front of the space ship as it approaches light speed barrier and slips thru to warp speed!.

Does the ship out run its photons of light emitted at lightspeed from the landing lights?

Are the photons not being propagated at light speed from the light bulb, but the bulb id traveling at + Warp 1 or + Warp 2 etc?

So the net speed of those photos propagated at say warp 2 would be warp 2 + speed of light (3 x 10^8 meters per second?)

Same with the pilots Ipod, isn't the sound waves being propagated at above the sound barrier proof that sound can exceed the speed of sound if it is propagated at a speed above mach 1?

If the Ipod's a worry for you to rationalize - think about the pilots radio coms with home base - yes it uses radio waves which travel at a velocity different to sound waves BUT the pilot HEARS the communications via sound from his speakers after the radio waves are converted back to sound waves in his head phones.

Same principle applies.


There is a parallel between the ear phones in the plane and the landing lights on the space ship, then is it not logical at least to assume that sound waves can exceed the speed of sound and lights peed can exceed the speed of light?

So the barriers - would not seem to be insurmountable?

And indeed it might just be possible for light speed to be infinite and all that your lazer and mirror - (and indeed Mitchellson / Morleys & Sagnacs linear and later rotational analogue lights peed experiments) ALl failed to account for the speed at which the light is propagated?

We can measure the sound barrier mach 1 speed of sound 100 different ways to christmas and always come up with the same limit barrier speed yet already we have sound exceeding that speed.

So far we are learning to measure light speed by what light we can see and it appears there is an OBSERVABLE limit to the speed of light based on our sub light speed frame of reference or relative velocity at which the light is being propagated!

Why are some forms of energy not obervable to humans and might they be observable to other species.

I.e X rays or radio waves etc.

We cant experience X rays with any of our 5 senses.

We cannot observe them directly - yet they are a wave form of energy as light is which we can observe?

Could it be that TIME also is a form of energy that we ONLY experience within our frame of reference at sub warp 1 frame of reference because our 5 senses don't allow us to experience it in any other way?

It comes back to this fundamental question about "what is time exactly"?.

I am still going with just another form of energy.

At east at this point it my best guess.

Back when Einstien formulated his special theory of relativity - the idea of different time zones on the planet wasn't something that anyone gave much thought too.

We have come a long way in our understanding of the universe - but i suspect that our inability to come to terms with time, and exactly what it is (energy) - has been holding us back.

I'll now get on with the back gr0und to Einsteins error in this next post.

At least my getting 'snarky' elicited a good question!

It was the genius Einstein himself who said worlds to the effect that the first steps to knowledge is asking the right questions.

Experimental design to test M = Δ T?

Madness takes its toll - please have exact change handy!

The primary manifestation of Time is Change

Ee does NOT equal Em Cee Squared!

M = Δ T
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