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Default Re: Is Light Really Made of Photons?

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Adding to the above it would be interesting if I commented on the “Wave/Particle Duality” theme that appears to be central to modern Quantum Theory.

I therefore move on from the photon to the electron.

It is said that the electron (like the photon) has the properties of both a particle and a wave. But consider the following: if the electron is a wave then how can it remain stationary as a ‘static charge’ within a solid conductor or semi-conductor? If it were a wave then it would tend to shoot away and out of sight at a significant speed. All waves move at speed whether they are sound waves, waves on the surface of water or indeed light itself. No, because it is a particle it can become trapped within the electronic structure of the material it is present in.

It is claimed that electrons behave ‘like’ waves because they produce a diffraction pattern on passing through a diffraction grating. But so what? There could be a whole number of different explanations as to why this happens. It could be due to electronic interference and deflection for example.

Indeed De Broglie himself actually stated that the ‘wave’ of the electron was ‘fictitious’. And even quantum physicists today are of the opinion that the ‘wave’ of the electron is purely a probability distribution of the likelihood of finding an electron at a given point in space. So we even have quantum physicists themselves admitting that the electron isn’t really a ‘wave’ after all.

So what happened exactly to this Wave/Particle Duality?

Is it all just pure sensationalism and nothing else?
The electrons in a static charge are not stationary.
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