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Default Re: A closeup UFO vid you won't believe!

I do agree,

I'm not any good at faking photos in photoshop - nor at film type animation stuff - BUT when you see what the kids these days can do with special effects etc in movies like Avatar etc - you come to realise that what we see on a screen now days really cannot be fully believed any more.

The world of make believe is good enough to fool a lot of people these days.

Take holograms as just one example.

I'm imagining if it was me who wanted to fake that vid, I'd have to run and catch a sound source like 3 f 18's or whatever they are, then use some kind of software that places a round object (UFO saucer) over one of the planes to obscure it then get the computer to automatically replicate that step in every frame of the vid so that, it goes from a rather unambiguous vid of 3 fighter jets - to something spectacular of 2 jets escorting a UFO!

Now here is something that occurs to me!

The UFO has a flashing white light showing to the rear of the craft and the 2 escorting planes likewise seem to be flashing a white rearward light also!

Could it be that the automated process of dubbing in the round saucer shape - wasn't able to edit out the 3rd planes white flashing light which is why it appears to have the same type of nav lights as a war plane?

Lets ask ourselves about that - i.e. the likelihood of a extraterrestrials space craft from across the galaxy adopting the exact same navigational lighting pattern as what we developed on earth from ships thru the IALA bouyage system?

Seems unlikely to me - so the inference then has to be that its a man made flying saucer - which was built to comply with the regulation night time navigational lights requirements of all flying air craft!

Maybe its just a small oversight the person who photo-shopped this video never considered.

As a master 5 mariner with knowledge of IALA bouyage lights (and flying boats clearance / nav lights etc) - its something that occurred to me that might have been missed by the average viewer.

With all that said - It's still bloody cool whoever did it - which is why I posted it for others to share!

What if its unedited / real?

Why no mainstream media coverage?

It ought to be breaking news on every TV screen in the world of true!

When will we see Obama standing on the white - house lawn with an alien grey announcing disclosure of the Alien presence?

Interesting times are definitely upon us, no matter how you look at it!

Madness takes its toll - please have exact change handy!

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