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Default Re: A closeup UFO vid you won't believe!

I'm not inclined to believe it - BUT - theres a part of me that wishes Aliens would make contact and help us sort out the fricken mess we are making of this planet.

I spent some years working within environment (Forester) and ten as a environmental consultant (Forestry and Fisheries) and so I am acutely aware of the exponential rate at which a population of the globe growing towards 7 billion is screwing up the ecosystems that sustain life on this planet.

So something else I am aware of is that when any population explodes beyond its sustained yield level - there comes along a balancing mechanism in disease death war etc, that returns the population to within sustained yield limits.

As a human who values life, I hate the idea that maybe 2/3rds of the worlds human population need to die out in order to restore the balance of nature on this planet.

The ONLY viable alternative I can envision is to expand our population away from this planet into space or onto other planets of the universe.

What worries me about that, is that we would just be spreading our malaise across the universe, essentially humans are a virus - and a fatal one for life at that!

We simply don't deserve to propagate across the universe in our current state.

What right have we to other planets if we cannot manage ourselves and the resources of this one?

If I were any part of some kind of galactic federation of planets, and I saw us about to spread our virus into space and across the universe - hell I'd wipe us out like we do to bad viruses with medicine/ anti-biotics.

Maybe what we do need is a visit from Aliens - if not to wipe us out - to help us come to terms with managing ourselves and our resources in a sustainable way so that we don't become a universal threat to the overall balance of life.

There are probably a universal set of "rules" that could accomplish this.

I'm betting they will turn out to be the 10 commandments, when it all comes down to it!

BUT - unless another more advanced life form showed up and explained that to us in a manner we could understand it appears we aren't yet ready to heed the message.

Do we really want to spread everything that is bad about humankind across the universe?

What did they do wrong to deserve us in our current form...greed, corruption, war etc - like the rest of the Universe needs that!

Humanity is at a point where it needs REAL help.

We are at a point where we are about to conquer time and become immortal - and there's no way we are ready for that in our current mindset.

Perhaps in the same way that God wiped out humanity and save just Noah and his family and the animals and started afresh after the flood - maybe the worlds reached that point again and its time again for a similar house cleaning.

We are approaching a tipping point from which there is no retreat!

The problem is most of us aren't ready!

Now - with intensive training coaching etc maybe we could be made ready but that i think would take an outside influence - because we do not seem to be capable of it ourselves.

Least that's my view at this point in Time .

Madness takes its toll - please have exact change handy!

The primary manifestation of Time is Change

Ee does NOT equal Em Cee Squared!

M = Δ T
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