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Question Hello strangers.

I have absolutely giving up on ATS. The user base is too big and diverse. They majority of responses just skip the topic and go right from grammar or a single sentence out of 100 that is more important to them. I was banned 4+ times, and my newest account has been allowed to stay active and allowed by the staff. Anyways, I was banned by moderators that were not willing to listen to complaints or any argument (they said apologize or be damned but I was within the T&C....simply put the didn't care). I know mods have bad days, but I have made many posts there that are within the T&C that get deleted. It is crazy. It has only gotten worse. I once had a top page post that had more flags than one could hope for. I re-posted it with my new account and it died after 3 responses ripping on me about grammar. Everyone is a cynic. Take it somewhere else you asses....grr.

I hope it isn't that way here, and I hope this site gets a bigger following.

Does this site have a point system? All that ever did for ATS was create crap posts and threads.

Any tips before I start posting here?

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