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Originally Posted by agent_mulder View Post
This thread will be tossed into the recycling bin. As your new Super Moderator on here I plan to be rational and while fighting for the rights of all community members of Club Conspiracy also respect the rights of Crowd Gather LLC.

In regards to the advertising, this is how Crowd Gather make their money to be able to purchase websites, I understand that and think it is something we have to get used to.

However going off how BlueAngel did about the type of advertising the fact of the matter is that CrowdGather does not control the advertising that is on this site - the advertising (just like Google Adsense) comes from the advertising supplier where anyone and everyone can purchase advertising, agree to pay 20cents a click and they are added to the rotation.

Attempting to hound CrowdGather about the advertising will not, and can not change anything it is the advertising service provider you need to contact.

Most advertising however goes on what you have searched for in google, or other various search engines eg: if you search for drugs etc you may find more drug advertisements appearing.

I will leave this thread up for 48 hours so others can read it (and it doesn't look as though CC management are trying to hide anything) before I close it, then after a week I will move it to the recycling bin.
you are the new super moderator i have not heard of you
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