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Default Re: Take that phone and shove it

Well, seriously, folks, they've found the key to creating ADHD in our society through distraction; cell phones, call waiting, fast moving images on television, video games, etc.

Violence through music, movies, etc., but we won't go there!!

And, then they prescribe SPEED to our children for this condition (ADHD, ADD) which they cannot explain, but can TREAT!!! Go figure!!!

They used me and many others in their experimentation regarding the ability to affect memory, create disassociation, inability to concentrate, etc., etc., etc.

Never a moment's peace. Never time to reflect. Not enough time to make a difference.

Silence, neutralize and containment by turning us into a population of "walking zombies!" and slaves to their technology; working 24/7.

Oh, let's not forget fax machines and the drugging of our children!!

In Peace,
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