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Default Re: Coming of the Antichrist

its in most of the books in the bible where it says the antichrist is amung us now. back in those days that is.. and still is right now. he is here. in other words he was there 2000 years or more ago and been here to this day. i think the right statement is.. when he makes himself known.. this fits in with what the bible says in revelations.. about seeing the obnamation of desolation. just before the 2nd coming of christ.. scuse my spelling i am not good with the big words.. so i did a sounds like.. i read the latin vulgate bible.. thats the bible used befor king james and the other new bibles.. and is the only true words of god. there is a english version that i read.. ill past the link to it in case you want to see it
Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible Verses Online, Study, Search Scriptures.
near the end the antichrist will solve all the problems on earth and stop wars and the world will follow him. not knowing he is the antichrist.
but at the time of the obnamation of desolation is when he makes himself known. and all who dont worship him are killd. by him or by his followers..
this is the true words in the bible i can get the whole text on this from the bible for you if you like and paste it in this forum to read

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