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Default Re: Long Term Missing Children

Thanks Mulder.

Around the world - these families of the long term missing suffer in silence.

Often when such a family suffer a tragedy like a missing child - their social network of friends and even extended family to an extent abandon them.

For many the constant reminder of their loss is a bummer and as a result they become social and family pariahs - left alone in their grief.

Because the cases aren't solved, the family's become dysfunctional, there's no closure, grieving and moving on with their lives - they live in the hope their child will come home one day.

Manic depression is often the result.

These families also don't have any support services - the public health system doesn't recognize them as in need of any help.

Often rumors start - if the missing child is female often the public will speculate the step father or father must have been responsible with incest behind the disappearance etc.

This makes employment for the family members difficult.

Basically society turns against them even tho its not conscious or deliberate.

There is no one to lobby politicians for these families to get resources or laws etc altered to make support services available to them.

Something else that has become quite clear, is that state police departments do not talk with each other about these types of 'non' crimes.

Its often the case that just one killer - who is "mobile" (interstate truck drivers for example) will commit 2 or 3 such crimes against these kids in one state - then move to another state for his criminal activities and commit 2 or 3 crimes against kids there and then move to a 3rd state and do the same - then back to the first state and start again.

Here is Oz - it seems as tho we could have a single guy who's responsible for up to 80 such crimes across 3 states spanning 30 or more years.

Occasionally such a criminal will slip up, get convicted for a reduced crime (say attempted murder) and spend anything up to 10 or more years incarcerated in one sate for the crime, and the other states police forces will just "assume" that their problem ceased / went away!

The states police force when he was convicted never ascertain about all the previous crimes - and as a result when he gets out - and goes off to one of the other states - the spree of abductions killings starts up again!

Its because of the lack of jurisdictional cross communication - the fact that data base aren't national or international even, that mobile offenders are able to lead such long careers of serial rape, abduction, murder and pedophilia against our communities children.

Yet - it's something not publicly discussed by the media!

We as a community do not want to know - who living among us has convictions for pedophilia, in order to keep our children safe. Even tho there are online resources to check this info for your neighborhood - who among us with children ever does so?

It's not until AFTER your child goes missing, that you get VERY interested, and by THEN its too late because you are the family who society turns against and shuns.

It has to be by far the greatest unspoken tragedy - that f long term missing children.

One only has to look at the case of the girl abducted for 25 years in USA and kept a prisoner and had 3 children to her abductor...

How do we as a society accept that failure on behalf of police in respect to a missing persons case?

IF we as a society actually knew what the REAL crime stats were for our areas - when the unsolved homicides and long term missing are included, we would be absolutely horrified - we simply wouldn't let our kids out on the street!

We actually have a 3rd world standard police force, masquerading as a first world standard professional police force - and massaging / manipulating the crime statistics, with all the dirty laundry hidden in the missing persons files.

That's been the inescapable outcome that my research thus far has revealed.

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