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Default Re: Warning. Above Top Secret is a CIA/Freemason front!

Blue Angels job as a paid govt disinfo shill - is to follow people who know too much and shut them down - discredit and ridicule.

Anywhere you go forums wise they have a keystroke logger hacked into your PC and can see where you go, your passwords etc and they follow you to discredit you or get you banned - this is their job they get paid $ to spend all day to do this as part of the 9/11 coverup.

When I created fictitious accounts at photobucket and and uploaded documents of the US$100 billion international inter bank wire transfer between HRH Queen Elizabeth 11's private London Coutes bank, and the accounts in USA of Bush 41 & 43, Jeb Bush & Arbusto (Spanish for Bush) energy etc - and I posted links for people to download and copy save this data for the eventual 9/11 treason trials, they bought the company's in order to close down those accounts so that no one could download the evidence sufficient to get Bush's tried and killed for treason.

This is how evil the military junta cabal running USA have become - kill their own people 3000+ on 9/11 and at Bali and Port Arthur etc etc.

You should expect no less - tis all a part pf proving the evil at large.

Eventually Russia will Nuke Washington DC - NOT to attack the people of America but to free them from the illegal junta who took over the country at Yr 2000 false elections.

The coming nuclear attack on Washington will be to free the American people from their oppressors.

Only a question of time now.

Madness takes its toll - please have exact change handy!

The primary manifestation of Time is Change

Ee does NOT equal Em Cee Squared!

M = Δ T
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