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Default Re: When Landmark Buildings Are Almost Completed Earthquake Occurs

Like the cost of cigarettes goes up so a pack a day in a month cost 300 dollars
Every time someone dies from smoking instead of spending the money from sued tobacco companies to start a quit smoking program.. The smoking addiction is money in the bank..
Like when you buy a computer monitor. Its measured from upper corner to the lower corner making the monitor a 21 inch when its actually a 12 inch when measured normally..
You cant put up Christmas lights because there are atheist that complain you are forcing religion on them and there family people stopped making the sign of the cross when they walk past a church.. You cant pray in public where a Muslim group can hear you but a mosc can be built where the towers was..
The law allows gay marriage when only in the 1970,s being publicly gay was a crime..
Good bye to the true America I knew I must have about somewhere inside 10 15 years at the most to go
When I leave this earth.. Oh well… maybe ill be alive during the rapture

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