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Default Re: Coming of the Antichrist

i see what your saying kerry, ur right about all the angel and devil stuff. but if you dont know much about nostradamus, he was a 13th century philosopher and not a prophet, but he made PREDICTIONS. and those predictions have tended to be very correct. he predicted the birth and reign of terror of both antichrists (Napoleon the french, and Adolf Hitler), he predicted the exact day of the great london fire in the 1800's, he predicted the exact death of king henry the 8th i think it was? i cant remember which one off the top of my head, and he said all that stuff and i believe every word of it. hes a remarkable man and i see obama being the antichrist. and as u say the antichrist has been here since before man and whatnot, maybe so, but taking new forms of course, new one being possibly obama. hes causing a war if u havent noticed and hes gonna kill alot of people, watch. the dragon being the united states government, its worshipped and its powerful.
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