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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Jimbo said:

"I guess I have it in me, to doubt & question. And for some reason, I can always tell a liar, or at least most of the time, because I have met some really good liars, that are so good, they can have you fooled for a long time. However, once you figure it out, that they were lying, then you’ll never be taken again by them, unless you let them. I have come to the conclusion, that “a liar, is always a liar.”"


I say, once a LIAR(s)??, always a LIAR(s)??!!! and I still believe there is a "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" at hand!!!

On another note, I was fed the most unbelievable crap regarding my "amnesic" past at a site over the past year. I was placed in a highly suggestible state of mind and was definately being controlled/handled and abused by those who have knowledge about my programming. They knew how to extract information from me about my victimization in Project Monarch.

For the record, they proposed to know me from the past; they were the reason I was alive and not killed in the cult. The list goes on and on!!

Ultimately, I heeded the warning I had from the get go, but denied, hoping I had found the "missing link," the answers to my lost childhood and teenage years. I was looking desperately for a "reason to believe" them, but realize now I was not thinking clearly since I was under their "control."

Master manipulators, inflated egos and sadistic pigs!!

My suffering while under their "spell" is what pleased them!!

"Blind faith" almost got me killed.

In Peace,
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