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Default Re: Coming of the Antichrist

yep i have his epistle in full to the king and another epstle to his son..
and i think i know how he did it.. the books of enoch was removed from scripture by the cannon in early ad. i read the third book of enoch the rest online and theres so much i am still not finnished and i started reading two years ago.. some of it tells of futhure events so why am i wasting my time with this you say ... did you know there are the fallen walking this earth right now.. fallen angels calld the watchers.. there is a lot in enoch that say close to what nostrodamus says.. when i found it was removed by the cannon i had to read it to see why.. i asked my priest why it was removed and he told me it was because it is uninspireational.. like you know do you want to get inspired or do you want to get the truth.. so i started reading it..
you should to the thinks i see in enoch are just like wow.. and the books say he will be back.
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