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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

Treason; betrayal of one's country to an enemy!!

Well, now, that's kind of an oxymoran, too, when applying it to our President because as far as I'm concerned he and the rest of the Skull and Bonesmen, Illuminati, NWO, rogue CIA, Nazi, fascist pigs who control our country are the enemy of the people of the United States in more way than one.

They are "against us and not with us."

They failed to protect us on 911. FAILED, people, FAILED. They arranged for BUSH to be away from the White House, they took control, while he read to elementary school children and the greatest military power in the world was ordered to STANDDOWN!!!

There are three things of which we are certain:

(1) Saddam Hussein did not present an imminent
threat to the United States of America;

(2) He was not in possession of WMD's;

(3) He had no direct link to 911.

These three items are reason enough for the impeachment of our President and his men.

They have invaded a country without reason. They have killed and wounded thousands upon thousands based on LIES. They have bilked the American taxpayers of billions of dollars to finance their war!!!

They are Liars??

Our military's first priority is to protect the people of this country and not to die in wars on distant shores for the power mongers who control the "military industrial" complex for their own monetary and global gain/agenda!!!

Most of them have never served in uniform and their children are exempt. The power brokers, the bankers, the wealthy elitists who use our children as their "killing machines." Who train our children to fight their wars for them!!

It is not difficult to understand that our President lied given all of the evidence that has been presented in direct conflict with the reasons, "beefed up" intelligence (so-called) that our President fed to the world to justify the occupation of Iraq.

The Iraqi people are living in fear and psychologically they will never be the same!! Imagine our country being occuppied and invaded and bombed and under the control of a foreign government. Well, we are almost at that point!! How long before we have suicide bombers driving cars through Starbuck's????

The men in power in this country, many of them, HAVE NO ALLEGIANCE to America. They have allegiance to themselves and their secret society/cult. They wave the flag in our face, but have no desire to keep America and her people free. They desire to enslave all of us. To bring America to her knees. To turn America into a third world country, living in poverty with disease. Walking zombies living in the "dark ages."

Our president betrayed the people of this country. The people he was elected to protect. Our president is killing innocent Americans, Iraqi's and those allies who are fighting this "war on terror" for him.

It is not a "war on terror" due to 911. If it were, the capture of Osama Bin Laden would have been of utmost importance and not the invasion of Iraq.

The time has come for the people of this country who have not been directly affected through the loss or wounding of a loved one, to realize that the war must END!!! You have a vested interest, whether or not someone you know or love has died, has been wounded or is fighting in Iraq now.

As soon as the people become irritated and call for an end to the killing, our government orders the dropping of 500 lb. bombs!!! Like I said earlier, in otherwords, "STFU."

How much opium are they producing in Afghanistan now that the Taliban are not in control?

In Peace,
As Always I come,
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