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Default Re: Who or What Agency Deleted My Post?

Originally Posted by Ian Moone View Post
If you threaten to expose Israeli complicity in things like 9/11 or the bali bombings etc - then you can expect these types of interventions by the Mossad.

In my own case after having done this (expose Israeli complicity in 9/11) online - publicly, the Google search engine peeps (who are Israeli owned) went thru their search engine and despite 10 years of building a great public profile associated with my name, within my own industry - they removed every single reference to me that was positive and left just one negative interaction from a forum board 10 years ago!.

This is so that when seeking work / contracts etc and anyone does a google search background check - they won't find anything positive about me - only negative.

I used to keep a watch on my public profile and it was more than 2 full pages of positive search results/links against my name - the only single negative was ~page 26 of the results, now it's the first and only result found via google search.

This is how you know when your deliberately being targeted.

It doesn't stop me exposing their evil ways!

I wouldn't dispute your story but it's not just Mossad who are doing things like this.

It's on record that critics of MI5 and MI6 can expect unwanted attention coming their way. And what about Cointelpro in the States in which left-wing activists were targeted?

These people at the end of the day are control freaks. As the saying goes, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".
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