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Default Re: You Only Believe the Official 9/11 Story Because You Don't Know the Official Stor

Originally Posted by th3kid View Post
cmon engieneer let me tell you a parable of our society lets say our world is a lake and in that lake there is one peer named the goverment all the kids play on the peer and all the grown ups load there boats on the peer some even go fishing off the peer everything seems so great on the peer. but then suddenly people like me and ian look underneath the dock and see what they dont want us to see and know. and wehn we tell people about whats under the peer they think were crazy because they themselves have never looked under the peer and they think that the people running it are so truthfull and perfect that they would never question whats underneath this peer.

still skeptical eng
Anything you have you can simply post here. I am not stupid enough to open up my computer to viruses or spyware attacks especially considering that emailing it to me is even less confidential than posting it here moron. All email traffic has been scanned for years so if you are trying to hide it from them sending it to my yahoo is hardly the best way.
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