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Default Hello all, I just joined!

Hi all,

My name is Tim, I'm in my mid 40's, living in Kentucky. I'm straight, and live with my fiancee. I am not religious, but most in agreement with the Eastern paths and was a Hare Krishna monk for a time. I was "raised" Baptist.

I am very interested in ancient aliens, UFO's, and conspiracies about the Moon missions and events in WW2, and 911.

I am very libertarian in my views, with a bit of a nationalist bent. I am against social divisions, racism(from any side)and mistreatment of others.

I am also "mr. nice guy". I do not troll, cause disruptions, or cause problems at all. I am easy to dialogue with, and I respect all views, even those I may not agree with.

I am much into music, and also play bass and do vocals in a metal band called ASTRUM. I have many songs and clips up on youtube under astrum502.

I also am a big fan of cult films, Shaw Brothers kung fu, Italian horror, giallo, crime action, and Japanese kaiju, and tokusatsu.

Well, I guess that's enough for now.

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